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Video One: Introduction

This video covers a brief overview of mTBI and an introduction to the BrainScope One device.

Video Two:
Set up, Configuration & Access to the User Manual

This module describes how to unpack and the initial set-up of the device, including how to configure login credentials, the multi-modal assessments and other features on the hand-held device.

Video Three: Device Navigation

The device’s menu features and how to navigate on the device are covered in this video of the series, including a detailed overview of the on-device help menu.

Video Four: Entering Patient Data

This video instructs the viewer on how to create a new patient record and how to enter the patient’s injury and symptom information.

Video Five: Patient Prep

This module instructs the viewer how to prepare the patient’s skin, how to apply the electrode headset and how to check and obtain acceptable impedance values with the electrodes.

Video Six: Preforming A Patient EEG Assessment

The instructions in this video cover all aspects of how to perform an efficient patient EEG assessment and how to clean the device between uses. The video goes in-depth instructing the viewer on how to use the information provided by the device during an EEG assessment to ensure efficient data collection during the assessment.

Video Seven:
Preforming Neurocognitive Assessments

How to start and conduct the two neurocognitive tests on the device is shown in this video.

Video Eight:
Understanding Results and Accessing PDF Reports

This video explains each of the possible results outputs for the EEG and neurocognitive assessments, shows how they are presented on the device and how to generate and access a PDF report.

Video Nine: Standard Clinical Assessments

This video covers the additional standard clinical assessments on the device, how to start an assessment and where to find more information on each digitized assessment in the User Manual.

Video Ten: Device Help and Troubleshooting

This video covers a brief overview of mTBI and an introduction to the BrainScope One device.