Economic Impact on the Healthcare System using an FDA-Cleared Mild Brain Injury/Concussion Assessment Device

By: Bentkover JD, Duncan I & Howland M.
Judith Bentkover & Associates, Santa Barbara Actuaries Inc.

Escalating awareness of the short and long-term consequences of traumatic head injury, even when mild, has resulted in an increasing burden to the health care system to the extent of $76.5 billion annually.1,2 Download the PDF.

Potential to Reduce Emergency Department Referrals From Urgent Care Centers By Up To 75% for Mildly Presenting Head Injured Patients

By: Zeballos AR & Minior D.
BetterMed Urgent Care, Banner Urgent Care.

The standard of care today for assessment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the Emergency Department (ED) remains the head CT scan, despite the fact that 91% of those scanned are reported to be negative for… Download the PDF.

Potential Significant Reduction in Unnecessary CT Scans in Emergency Departments Using an FDA Cleared Medical Device for Brain Injury Assessment

By: Rosanne Naunheim, M.D. & Monique Koscso, M.D.
Washington University Barnes Jewish Medical Center, St. Louis, MO

Despite the fact that most CT scans performed on head injured patients are negative, CT remains the “gold standard” for evaluation of head injury in the Emergency Department. This study investigates the utility of the… Download the PDF.