Referrals for CT scans in mild TBI patients can be aided by the use of a brain electrical activity biomarker.

American Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2017; 35(11):1777-1779.

Huff JS, Naunheim R, Ghosh Dastidar S, Bazarian J, Michelson EW.  

Heightened awareness of the potential short and long-term conse-quences of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI or concussion) has result-ed in an increase in Emergency Department (ED) visits for traumatic head injury, even as the volume of overall ED visits has remained stable over the same period of time [1]. While the vast majority (~95%) of these head injured patients are mild, N80% receive CT scans of which ~91% are found to be negative [2]. The rising number of negative CT findings, cost, radiation exposure, and ED resource utilization, has led to an increased need for reliable predictors of intracranial injury in the mild head injured population [3].
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