Emergency Department Triage of Traumatic Head Injury Using Brain Electrical Activity Biomarkers

Academic Emergency Medicine. 2017; 24(5):617-627

Hanley D, Prichep LS, Bazarian J, Huff JS, Naunheim R, Garrett J, Jones E, Wright DW, O'Neill J, Badjatia N, Gandhi D, Curley K, Chiacchierini R, O'Neil B, Hack D.

A brain electrical activity biomarker for identifying traumatic brain injury (TBI) in emergency department (ED) patients presenting with high Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) after sustaining a head injury has shown promise for objective, rapid triage. The main objective of this study was to prospectively evaluate the efficacy of an automated classification algorithm to determine the likelihood of being computed tomography (CT) positive, in high-functioning TBI patients in the acute state. Download the PDF