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Head injuries have become a major issue in sports. And we’re eager to hear how that’s affecting you as a trainer. How big an issue is it for your organization? How do you assess injuries? What’s your level of confidence returning a player to the game?

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Advanced Assessment Technology

If an athlete gets a head injury, you’ve had to rely on subjective assessment processes. Now all that is changed. The revolutionary new BrainScope One device allows fast, objective assessment of the full spectrum of head injuries, including concussion. No uncertainty about injuries you can’t see. No judgement calls. No second-guessing.


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Confident return-to-play decisions

The BrainScope One head injury assessment uses advanced EEG technology to get you the answers you need, in 30 minutes or less.

-   FDA-cleared
-   Assess structural and functional injury
-   Non-invasive and efficient
-   For athletes ages 18+
-   For use within 3 days of head injury

With its robust range of assessments, a doctor can quickly see whether there’s a serious injury. And you can be confident deciding whether the player should return to the game.