BrainScope Product Overview


EEG Amplifier Module:

Connects headset to handheld with Q/A software; ensures no reuse of headsets

Disposable Headset:

Sensors for EEG recording


Handheld Device:

Ruggedized to military standards, performs neurocognitive tests and displays results

Brainscope stacked - new screen - no shadow.png
  • Panel of Clinically Validated Results

  • Handheld and Disposable Headset

  • Technology Platform - Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

BrainScope EEG Acquisition Unit.png
BrainScope Headset.png

Rapid Assessment at Initial Point of Care

Designed To Be Portable, Easy and Fast

Total Assessment time of 10- 30 minutes

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Full, Robust Panel Assessment of mTBI

Brainscope positive.png
Brainscope negative.png
brainscope equivocal.png
brainscope full results panel.png