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About BrainScope

BrainScope® is a Bethesda, MD based medical neurotechnology company that is pioneering the assessment of traumatic brain injury (TBI), including concussion. The company’s innovative BrainScope One system is an easy-to-use, non-invasive, hand-held platform that empowers clinicians to quickly make accurate head injury assessments at the point-of-care.

Head Injury Assessment and Sites of Care

*Approx. 50% of Urgent Care (UC) facilities are part of an integrated healthcare systems, and many UC doctors also work in EDs.

*Approx. 50% of Urgent Care (UC) facilities are part of an integrated healthcare systems, and many UC doctors also work in EDs.

  • Over 5.7 million traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) happen each year in the U.S., of which approximately 4.8 million visit the Emergency Department (ED).

  • These injuries are difficult to assess with current clinical criteria, resulting in CT “overscanning.”

  • 82% of patients presenting to the ED with symptoms of a TBI receive a Head CT, of which 91% are negative for a “brain bleed.”

  • A CT Scan does not indicate presence or severity of concussion and often results in a concussed patient being discharged with little or no follow-up.


What is BrainScope One and How does it Work?

  • Electrical signals course through the brain and when someone has a brain injury these electrical signals (EEG) change and are different from those that would be present in an uninjured brain.

  • BrainScope One has been developed by comparing a head injured patient’s brain electrical activity (EEG) to a large database of patients with, and without, brain injury (over 7,000 evaluations) to determine the potential presence of a structural injury (or “brain bleed”) and their level of brain function impairment, (e.g. concussion)\

  • BrainScope One is the only FDA cleared device for assessment of the full spectrum of traumatic brain injury, from structural (brain bleeds) to functional (concussion).

  • BrainScope technology represents over 10 years of research, funded in part by Department of Defense Contracts, with 7 FDA Clearances and 26 peer-reviewed published clinical studies.


Benefits of BrainScope


About the Opportunity

We are seeking experienced medical device distributors with relationships, access and successful experience in the market segments, or sites of care, indicated above. BrainScope’s next generation product, BrainScope TBI, is pending FDA clearance and is expected to be launched mid-year 2019.  BrainScope has a core team of field-based Market Development Managers and a Marketing team to support a distributor’s sales efforts.


Key Responsibilities

  • Achieve mutually agreed sales quotas

    • Develop detailed business and call-plans that identify and target high potential accounts and execute face to face sales calls with clinicians and other key users and purchase influencers

    • Pursue leads, assess customer needs, and communicate the cost-effective, clinical benefits of the BrainScope system with the clear intent to meet your Revenue target

    • Forecast and track key account metrics, monitor and manage account status, and provide required reporting to BrainScope senior management and other internal stakeholders

    • Support BrainScope presence at market-related medical conferences and symposiums

  • Manage New Customer On-boarding

    • Lead new customer implementation efforts, including provider and operator training and education 

    • Engage BrainScope Reimbursement Team to ensure that customers receive necessary reimbursement guidance and understand the process for payor reimbursement submission

    • Work with BrainScope Marketing Team to co-develop and execute site-specific marketing plans to drive and increase patient volume for each customer

  • Support Current Customers

    • Track customer product utilization and address customer needs to further drive utilization

  • Abide by established rules and regulations and exemplify the highest level of ethical business conduct


  • Demonstrated success in FDA-regulated industries, e.g., medical devices, diagnostics, biotech

  • Organization and field-team with strong technical acumen and the ability to quickly understand, and sell, a sophisticated, algorithm-based medical device

  • Experience in selling a paradigm-shifting product that will re-establish standard of care for head injured patient assessment