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At BrainScope, we always strive to bring our best to each other and to our customers. We value ownership, collaboration, diversity, energy, integrity, tenacity and resilience. We are a meritocracy. We move fast, we solve problems and we want you to join our team.

How We Operate at BrainScope


We are Collaborative

Engaging within and across departments to develop solutions, doing so with a strong level of self-awareness.  Seeking opportunities to work well with others and to learn what other groups are doing.

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We are Accountable

Taking proactive ownership of assigned and desired tasks to improve the company, transparently seeing them to completion.


We are Adaptive to Change

The ability and willingness to explore the possible and the new in response to internal and/or external change.


We are Naturally Curious

Demonstrating a desire to learn and gain knowledge, asking “why” and working to get to the root of the matter.


We are Persevering

Stick to it, despite set backs; to iterate fiercely until a great outcome is achieved.

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We are Service-Oriented

Acting with client interests first – anticipating, recognizing and meeting client needs, sometimes before they are even articulated.


We are Mentally Agile

The ability to hold numerous concepts or perspectives simultaneously, quickly shifting among them to apply the best one to the issue at hand.