Senior Android Software Engineer

Position Overview
BrainScope is seeking ambitious, motivated individuals with excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills who would like the opportunity to help people who are affected by a traumatic brain injury. We are seeking a Senior Android Software Engineer who will work with our team to build and maintain Android applications for a variety of products. The candidate shall be familiar with Java and the Android framework as well as MVP or MVVM, interfacing with APIs, and common Android development concepts. Our primary application is public facing, so we are seeking developers that have an eye for design and color and know their way around the Android UI view system. You will also be directly interfacing with our consumers and the rest of the team in Bethesda, Maryland, so strong and clear communication skills will be critical to getting the job done. BrainScope offers a competitive salary, an excellent stock option package and strong benefits.

The primary responsibilities of a senior Android software engineer are focused on writing, updating, and maintaining the design and code base for our Android applications. The developer is also expected to develop themselves by gaining knowledge of new technologies in Android development and is preferred to have experience in an FDA regulated environment. The candidate will be expected to:

  • Develop and review specifications and code for medical devices, including product functional specifications, design specifications, and verification/validation procedures.
  • Prepare complete software documentation as prescribed by U.S. and international medical device regulations (IEC 62304) and corporate quality management systems procedures.
  • Develop critical and robust application code for Android-based, connected devices.
  • Key development areas include application UI and layout implementation, inter-application communication, embedded signal acquisition, and cloud-based data management.
  • Write, analyze, review and rewrite programs, using workflow charts and diagrams, while applying knowledge of Android and Java’s technological capabilities.
  • Revise, repair or expand existing programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements.
  • Consult with management, engineering and technical personnel to clarify program intent, identify problems and suggest changes.
  • Compile and write documentation of program development, design and subsequent revisions, inserting comments in the coded instructions so others can understand the program.
  • Handle complaint investigations and user feedback.
  • Support continuous improvement of company SDLC processes conforming to the IEC 62304 medical device software standard, utilizing CMMI and various software development models.
  • Work within timelines, resources, and budgets for completion of assigned projects.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or related field required, Masters preferred.
  • At least 3 years of experience with Android development in a regulated environment.
  • Experience developing Android applications with a focus on stability and robustness. 
  • Optimistic and innovative, with the ability to look at the whole picture, beyond the current problem at hand.
  • Knowledge of best practices in Android application and library development.
  • Knowledge of modern Android architectural patterns such as Model-View-ViewModel or Model-View-Presenter.
  • Experience with build scripting within Gradle using Groovy for Android application development.
  • Experience developing applications with asynchronous task handling using RxJava.
  • Experience developing applications interfacing with a RESTful API using Retrofit and OkHttp.
  • Experience writing automated tests using JUnit and Espresso.
  • Demonstrate very strong knowledge of the software development life cycle, including deployment in a regulated industry.
  • Knowledge of best practices and direct experience with formal software engineering principles (code design regarding architecture, re-use, and testability).
  • Operate effectively in a multi-disciplinary, team-oriented culture that emphasizes professional development.
  • Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal skills.
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced start up environment.

Qualified applicants are encouraged to send their resume and a cover letter including availability to 


The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has released a Voluntary Self-Identification Form CC-305. All federal contractors are required to use this form in inviting all applicants and employees to provide information regarding their disability status. Completing this form is voluntary and any answer you give will be kept private and will not be used against you in any way. If you choose to complete the form, please attach it with your job application. The form can be found at